Data Center Support
and Management

Outsourced support services range from
Hosting, Managing and Maintaining the
entire Data Center


Supportfly’s data center consolidation services helps IT organizations manage their data center footprint more efficiently whilst reducing the operational expenditure (OPEX) and the other complexities involved.

Our Approach

  • Comprehensive Data Center Infrastructure Assessment to clearly define project goals and ensure organizations select the right approach and appropriate solutions to fit their unique business needs.
  • Guide clients in planning and optimizing efficient data center environments. Ensure the infrastructure maintains its high-level performance while containing costs.
  • Ensure all assets are safely relocated if necessary, and that any decommissioned equipment is properly removed without any effect on business operations.

Business Continuity
and Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery protection is a must for any IT infrastructure to recover rapidly with an automated failover mechanism deployed. supportfly offers strategic advisory services to implement an affordable disaster recovery model.

Our Approach

  • Identify and assess tools for disaster recovery.
  • Pilot a sample disaster recovery model and identify process gaps.
  • Ensure process compliance metrics are met.
  • Monitor overall resource usage for performance analysis.
  • Practical IT recommendations for ROI/TCO savings.


Datacenter capacity planning is an important discipline for managing the datacenter efficiency. The average utilization on many servers in the distributed data center is way below acceptable maximums, wasting costly resources.

Our Approach

  • Benchmarking workload and looking through server utilization data.
  • Determine Service Level Requirements and quantify client expectations.
  • Analyze Current Capacity to determine if/how they meet client needs.
  • Planning for the Future, chalk out a capacity plan based on forecasted processing requirements.
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