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Tally on Cloud

What is Tally on Cloud?

Understand Tally on Cloud with an example. Your Business is expanding in 3 Dimensions. With every expansion comes the task of how your accounts will be maintained. Suppose you are opening 5 Branches across India. What would you prefer?

Tally 3


5 branches
5 Accounts Teams
5 Tally ERPs

Tally 2


5 Branches
1 Accounts Team
1 Tally ERP

Tally 1


5 Branches
5 Accounts Teams
1 centralised Tally ERP, accessible to all

If your answer is C, then our answer is Tally on Cloud.

Until now enterprises and organizations were either using Windows servers with per-user license to access tally remotely or were using tally on the local desktop and shared files across offices or factories. With the introduction of WIPLON’s Tally Cloud, enterprises have instantly moved their tally on cloud helping them remotely access their tally from multiple branches at the same time eliminating the per-user license cost and ensuring the security of their financial data from Viruses or Ransomware attacks.

Tally vs Tally on Cloud

Without Tally on Cloud

How you are
working currently

  • Tally installation required on
    each device.
  • Manual Backups.
  • Multiple Tally Licences required for multiple offices.
  • Work from Office premises.
  • Data recovery takes time.
  • Additional software required for Data protection Against Viruses, Malware & Ransomware.
  • No Realtime data sync.
  • Tally computers are interconnected in one location by using a single network either through LAN Cables or a Wifi.
  • Tally software needs to be updated manually on each device.
Tally on Cloud

How you can work
with Tally on Cloud

  • No installation required all devices can access Tally online.
  • Automated Backups.
  • Single Tally Licence required for multiple offices.
  • Work from Anywhere, Any device.
  • Data recovered instantly from the nearest backup point.
  • Inbuilt Data protection Against Viruses, Malware & Ransomware.
  • Real-time data sync.
  • Any computer, any mobile device can access tally through the Internet across multiple locations.
  • Software update required only on the

Why Tally on Cloud?

Tally on Cloud Backups

No Backup

Fully customizable automated backups at regular intervals reduces your burden of maintaining backups

Protection form Viruses and Malwares

100% Protection from
Malware & Virus Attacks

Our Cloud has updated firewalls/IDS applications to detect and block unauthorised intrusions.

Massive Savings on Tally License Fee

Massive Savings on Tally
License Fee

There is only one centralized tally for all your offices, no separate tally licenses are required.

Access from any device

Accessible on all
devices worldwide

The tally is on cloud, hence, it can be accessed from multiple devices across the world at the same time.

Real time work sync with Tally on Cloud

Real Time
Work Syncing

Tally Cloud facilitates real-time syncing of entries done by team members sitting at different locations.

No Remote Desktop License Required

No Remote Desktop
License Required

Tally on cloud allows unlimited users to access tally at same time with
no per user license fee.

All Tally versions compatible

Compatible for
all versions

Whether you are using Tally ERP 6.x or Tally ERP 9, our Cloud is compatible for all your Tally versions.

No Hardware Required

No Hardware

You do not need to maintain servers at your offices to store data.

99.9% uptime

Cloud Uptime

WIPLON guarantees 99.9% uptime to ensure that your Tally works seamlessly without any interruptions.

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