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Domain Transfer is the process of changing your domain registrar. With WIPL, you’ll get a hassle free domain transfer experience!

Transferring your domain to WIPL is easy, fast & comes with lots of features. Backed by our Domain Transfer Expert’s Assistance, makes things much easier. Browse our step-by-step guide for domain transfers to ensure a quick and easy transfer.

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There are various cases where a domain name may not be transferable to another Registrar. This could happen in the following circumstances:

FREE Domain Forwarding

Domain name is less than 60 days old

FREE Transfers

Domain name transferred less than 60 days ago

FREE Security Features

Theft Protection

Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection has been enabled on your domain name


Pending Delete status

Frequently Asked Questions

1What should I do to transfer a domain to WIPL?

Domain transfers can take anywhere from 3 to 8 days to complete. You need to assure that the following applies to the domain:

  • The domain must be registered or transferred between registrars more than 60 days ago.
  • The domain has been “Unlocked” for transfer at the current registrar (domain status should be OK or Active).
  • The domain is showing your current e-mail for the admin contact in the whois as that is where the authorization email will be sent to. Please make sure you disable privacy protection for your domain, otherwise the transfer may fail due to the fact that the contact information is protected in Whois.
  • The domain is not expired
2On What email address I will get the transfer approval email?

The transfer approval email is sent to the administrative contact email address for your domain.

3Will my nameservers associated with the domain be transferred over?

The nameservers for the domain will remain the same during the transfer; unless you are using the Free DNS service of your Domain Provider. So, if you are hosting the DNS for the domain on your own or with a webhosting company, they will be transferred over and there shouldn’t be any downtime for the domain.

4Will I lose the remaining time for the domain I have with my current registrar if I transfer it to you?

All time remaining on your domain will be transferred – you will not lose it. The domain name expiration date will also be extended for one year (two years for .UK domain names*). However, if your domain expired with your old Registrar, and you renewed it with them, then we suggest you not to transfer it within 45 days of the previous expiry date since it will not add 1 more year to your domain name’s expiration date, and you will lose out on the renewal fees paid to the previous Registrar.
*Note: If .UK domain is transferred earlier than 3 months before expiration, the domain name will not be renewed and the money for the transfer will be refunded back to your account funds

5If I transfer a domain to WIPL will it be renewed for another year?

Yes, your domain name will be renewed for another year. Please note that regulations prohibit transferring a domain name which is less than 60 days old. Also, if your domain has expired with your previous registrar, you renewed it with them and then transferred to us within 45 days after that, the additional year will not be added. Other than that the time is added to the current expiration date of the domain.

6Can I transfer an expired domain to WIPL?

Registrars don’t release expired domains, so we only allow active domains to be submitted for transfer.

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